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Cancer to 14K support volunteer registration
Public -by Daniel Miller  |  Cancer to 14K

If you are interested in volunteering for ANY of the Cancer to 14K hikes, please register here. When you register, you will be required to submit a self-assessment form covering medical and fitness issues. You do not need a physician's clearance form as a volunteer. Once we've reviewed your forms, you'll be able to register for the individual hikes once they are posted.

Secondly, please mark your calendar for Tuesday, April 30 at 7:30 pm for a virtual training session. We will cover volunteer duties, necessary hiking gear, general safety, and nutrition. You will receive a link to join from Dan Miller closer to the date. 

Cancer to 14K is a 10-week hiking-based conditioning program for cancer survivors and caregivers. It includes 10 weekly hikes plus recommendations and coaching for exercising in between the weekly hikes. There are 3 different in-person tracks:

  • Grays Peak -- people train to summit Grays Peak, 14,270' high. 7 miles, 3,000 ft. elevation gain.
  • Mount Sherman -- people train to summit Mount Sherman, 14,035' high. 5.25 miles, 2,100 ft. elevation gain.
  • Lake Isabelle -- People train to complete a 14,000-step-long hike to a lake located at 11,000 feet. This hike is 6 miles with 720 feet of elevation gain.

As a volunteer, you can pick and choose the individual hikes you want to volunteer on. You can volunteer for all Grays Peak, all Lake Isabelle, all Mount Sherman, or a mix of the three. You don't have to commit to volunteering for all ten hikes, though of course we encourage people to come on as many as they can. We want to have 4 volunteers for each hike. Given the three tracks, that's 120 volunteer opportunities. 

All hikes are on Saturday, except Grays and Mount Sherman will be on weekdays to avoid 14er crowds on the weekends. Hikes for the Grays Peak track generally start at 7 AM; those for Lake Isabelle typically start at 7:30 or 8, and those for Sherman start at 8:30 early in the season, then get earlier as it gets hotter.

We'll use Sundays as rain dates.


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