Tue, Jun 11, 2024    8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Recurring Tuesday
Mat Pilates with Bridget
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Join Bridget Ericsson in a 60-minute mat class. Bridget is a long-time fitness professional. She is a fully certified Pilates Methods Alliance teacher with 9 years experience teaching Pilates. 

This class is a combination of the classic Pilates Mat work and will also include light weight training to help build stronger bone density. Each class is a little different and will involve stretching, strengthening, mobility, balance and occasionally getting our heart rate up.

Before your first class, you need to complete a registration form and waiver for Pilates Plus (the studio where Bridget teaches). Once Pilates Plus has approved your registration they will send you a link to the classes. Then, you can just register for future classes on the LBL calendar. You should register for each class you plan to attend.

PROPS you may need for class include: mat, foam roller (long one, any intensity), hand weights, long thera-band, mini-band and a pilates ball (AKA silver sneakers ball.) You can purchase props on Amazon!

If you are new to Pilates, or are just starting to exercise again after cancer treatment, please read the following note to be sure you are aware of potential risks. You may want to talk to your medical provider about exercising.

Generally speaking, exercise is good for cancer survivors. It improves physical fitness and many aspects of overall health, and has been shown to help reduce the risk of recurrence for some cancers. It can also benefit your psychological health by reducing feelings of anxiety and depression. And, it helps combat fatigue.

For some survivors, certain aspects of your treatments or current health may require exercise modifications. If you have any of the following conditions, you may want to consult your health care providers or our exercise physiology/medical advisors for guidance:

  • A pic line or port
  • Lymphedema
  • Limited range of motion from radiation or surgery
  • Low blood counts
  • Neuropathy
  • Weak bones due to osteoporosis, myeloma, or metastases
  • Cardiac side effects of chemotherapy or other heart problems

Have a great time!

Participants are asked to keep their video camera turned on for the entirety of the class. Participants are asked to unmute their microphones on the zoom session both at the beginning and end of class and mute the microphone once the class starts.

Bridget’s philosophy is: “Everything in moderation including moderation.” She tries to put this to use in her daily life by balancing work and fun. When Bridget isn't teaching Pilates she is having fun on the slopes in the winter and paddling around Colorado on her paddleboard in the summer. Bridget has authored her first book called Pilates for Skiers. Bridget’s hope is to help people move, feel better, and live a more enjoyable life through sharing her love of Pilates with them. She looks forward to getting to work with and help people in the Live By Living community.


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